Customers relaxing and chatting in the airy and warm ambiance of the SMILE Cafe.


Customers / Carers

"this is by far the best cafe in Saxmundham, with a lovely comfortable atmosphere"

" a great venue, offering a well-needed facility"

" It is friendly and relaxing - a very good place to meet others in similar circumstances"

"friendly, with reasonably priced food and nice cakes!"

"what a lovely place to visit and have a friendly chat - well worth a visit"

"a good place to socialise and mix with others and make new friends"

"it's busy, quite friendly, good value, lots of chatting - I'm going next week"

"this is a good idea - to let people come and make new friends"

"great space - I felt really welcome"

"come and enjoy a chat and a drink with friendly people"

"a good place to share experiences"

"nice place to go - people are friendly"

"staff very welcoming and very friendly"

"good atmosphere, good service"

"absolutely perfect"

"please come and join us"

"excellent Thursday experience"



"very friendly place to meet people and be able to chat things through"

"bright welcoming place"

"a good place to come and mix with others"

" agreat place for meeting like-minded people for a friendly chat and snack"

"a great way to meet others and echange information"

"it has a fantastic, happy atmosphere - a really fun social experience"


Public Bodies

"great support and environment"

"an open airy place - good coffee and great cakes!"

"it's friendly, inviting and great service"

"nice decor - friendly"